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June is Men's Health Month

June is Men's Health Month!

Welcome to our special Men's Health Month edition of the ZEROHour newsletter. Men's Health Month highlights the importance of mental and physical well-being for all men and the silent struggles prostate cancer patients face. For many men, asking for help is difficult, and this month is a time to be there for those who need our help the most. Educational webinars, ZERO's Prostate Cancer in the Black Community Film Series, Tee-Offs—and so much more—this month's newsletter is your guide to Men's Health Month.

Save the Date for ZERO Men's Health Week, June 12-18.

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Give Hope to Struggling Patients

Give hope to Struggling Patients

Our fathers, husbands, partners, and brothers fighting prostate cancer are counting on us as they face rising treatment costs they can't afford. Requests for assistance are skyrocketing for ZERO360, our free patient support program, to help remove and reduce financial burdens for those in need. We can't let these struggling men and families slip through the cracks.

Be the hope patients need and make a gift this Men's Health Month. Your donation can transform despair into resilience by providing a lifeline for patients and families. Let's come together as a ZERO community to provide the urgent support and resources patients need to keep going.

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Virtual Advocacy Day

Virtual Advocacy Day

On June 9, 2023, the ZERO Government Affairs team and several of our advocates will embark on Virtual Advocacy Day!

Our advocates will attend virtual meetings with legislators and their staff in support of H.R.1826, the PSA Screening for HIM Act. This bill makes it easier for high risk men to be screened for prostate cancer, a vital tool in saving lives. We're committed to bringing you the latest updates in life saving legislation.

The bill is set to go to the House, and for the first time, the Senate. You can make a difference by urging your representatives to pass this lifesaving bill.

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Are You at Risk?

Are You at Risk?

Test your prostate cancer knowledge by taking our updated "Truth or Twisted?" quiz. Truth or Twisted is part of our We're Not Gonna Take It campaign featuring Jay Jay French, founder and guitarist of Twisted Sister and a prostate cancer survivor. One hint: before taking the quiz, listen to our We're Not Gonna Take It podcasts featuring prostate cancer survivors William King of the Commodores and Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

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Honor Dad and Run with ZERO

Honor Dad and Run with ZERO

Lace up your running shoes because there's a special Run/Walk taking place every weekend during Men's Health Month. Cincinnati and Hartford kicked things off on June 3 and 4. ZERO's Joliet event gets underway this weekend on June 10.

Father's Day weekend is shaping up to be a busy one. Patients, survivors, families, and other members of the prostate cancer community are all gathering for Run/Walks on Saturday, June 18 in Washington, D.C., Tulsa and Salt Lake City. On Sunday, June 19, the stage is set for a special Father's Day run in L.A. Portland's Run/Walk takes place on June 25.

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Webinar: Maximize Your VA Benefits

Webinar: Maximize Your VA Benefits

If you're a veteran with prostate cancer, navigating your VA benefits may seem daunting. We can help.

Paul Taylor, head of the ZERO Veterans Working Group, will lead a webinar discussion with experts from the Disabled American Veterans, Marquis Barefield and Shane Liermann. Experts will show you how to maximize your VA benefits and answer questions you have about where to find help.

Register to tune in on Wednesday, June 21 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

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Help Your Family Understand Their Prostate Cancer Risk

Help Your Family Understand Their Prostate Cancer Risk

When you join the promise Registry, you not only learn about how your genes may affect your care, but you also help family members understand their own risk of prostate cancer and other cancers. promise is a long-term observational study designed to give researchers greater understanding of the role genes can play in improving outcomes and/or treatments for prostate cancer patients; and how genes influence the susceptibility of men to prostate cancer.

promise lead investigators Heather Cheng, MD, PhD, Fred Hutch Cancer Center, University of Washington, and Channing Paller, MD, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University, are seeking men 18+ with prostate cancer to participate.

  • promise is completely free - both genetic testing and genetic counseling are done at no cost. Participation is easy - it is done from the convenience of your own home and does not require you to change healthcare providers.
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Chris Hartley

Chris Hartley

Chronicling Chris Hartley's Journey

ZERO Champion Chris Hartley's prostate cancer journey will be highlighted in a men's health campaign distributed through USA Today. In his heartfelt article, Chris highlights his experience with prostate cancer and the importance of early testing, prostate cancer awareness, and the value of a strong support system during treatment. Stay tuned for this incredible article, which will be distributed June 29!

Grow & Give

Meet Grow Your Grow & Give Team

Grow Your Grow & Give Team

This year double your impact by launching a Grow & Give Campaign at work. Grow & Give provides your business or organization with an important cause to get behind while engaging colleagues in a friendly, fuzzy competition. You can grow a beard, mustache, or incorporate blue into your everyday style. Let's raise money and awareness for prostate cancer together this November. » Register Your Team Here

Clinical Trial

Prostate Cancer Research Study

Prostate Cancer Research Study - See If You Qualify

This study is evaluating if an investigational (study) oral medicine is safe and effective for the treatment of metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer. » Learn More
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Triage Cancer

Cancer & Disability Insurance Webinar

Cancer & Disability Insurance Webinar

We're proud to partner with Triage Cancer to help educate and empower cancer patients and their caregivers. A diagnosis can be overwhelming and leaves you with many questions.

Join this free virtual conference on June 21 to get answers about potential disability insurance options for those that need to take time off work after a cancer diagnosis (including options for caregivers). Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family & Medical Leave Act, state leave laws, and how they can work together. » Register Now

Champions Corner

Bruce Caughron

Bruce Caughron

Bruce is a prostate cancer patient/survivor from TX and was the incredible mission speaker at last year's Tyler Run/Walk. When asked about the event, Bruce stated, "What a great group of sponsors, participants, volunteers, caregivers, and hosts. I had the honor of sharing my story with the crowd and was inspired by those in attendance." He is excited about the opportunity to create awareness for others like himself. » Become a Champion

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