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Veteran's Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Act

Please fill out the form below to tell your U.S. Senators to protect prostate cancer research funding by signing the Dunn/Cunningham Dear Colleague letter!


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Veteran's Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Act Cosponsor Request

Dear [Senator],

As an advocate for ZERO The End of Prostate Cancer, and as your constituent, I'm writing to request your cosponsorship of HR 6092, the Veteran's Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Act.

The Veteran's Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Act would establish a national clinical pathway for prostate cancer treatment and a national prostate cancer registry. Clinical pathways are vital for driving better outcomes for patients, and are based on multi-disciplinary research, and would cover the disease from early detection to end of life care.

In addition, the bill would require the VA to develop a national prostate cancer care implementation program, which would coordinate prostate cancer efforts across VA entities, measure prostate cancer care quality and costs, and establish a national education plan aimed at administrators, providers and patients.

Finally, the bill would establish a prostate cancer registry and research program. This program would evaluate all aspects of the disease continuum, from screening to end of life care, including the best ways to implement recommended guidelines, coordinate care, and discover new insights into the treatment of prostate cancer.

It is vital that we support robust prostate cancer research and treatment, especially in high-risk populations such as our veteran community. As your constituent, and on behalf of those affected by the disease, I urge you to cosponsor this legislation. To do so, please contact Sarah Gilbert ( with the office of Congressman Dunn (R-FL) or David Ogle ( with the office of Congressman Cunningham (D-SC).

Thank you in advance for your support,
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