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Support Additional CDC Prostate Cancer Outreach to High-Risk Men

Please fill out the form below to tell your Member of Congress to support funding for prostate cancer outreach and education at the CDC! 


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Support Additional CDC Prostate Cancer Outreach to High-Risk Men

Dear [Congressman/Congresswoman],

I ask that you support an extra $2M for CDC efforts to increase outreach to high-risk men. The FY21 Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill includes $14.2M in funding for CDC prostate cancer activities, designating $1M of that for outreach to high-risk men. We ask Congress to include an additional $2M, for a total of $16.2M, to support outreach to African-American and other high-risk men.

I ask that you support our efforts by emphasizing the need for such funding in your individual request letter to the Appropriations Committee. I also ask that you will support the inclusion of the following language in the Labor-HHS report.

"Prostate Cancer.-- The Committee is concerned about the continued rise in prostate cancer deaths and strongly supports the CDC's work to increase the public's awareness of prostate cancer risks, screening and treatment. The Committee provides $16,205,000 for this ongoing work, including $3,000,000 for initiatives to increase outreach and education among high-risk men, especially African-American men, who are two times more likely to die from prostate cancer than white men."

I deeply appreciate your time and consideration. And I know that you will, like me, understand this as a necessary step in achieving our shared goal of eliminating avoidable prostate cancer related deaths.

Your Constituent,
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