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Urge Your Congressperson: Support a Clinical Pathway at the VA

Please fill out the form below to tell your Member of Congress to cosponsor H.R 4880, the Veterans Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Act.


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Create a Clinical Pathway for Prostate Cancer at the VA

Dear [Congressman/Congresswoman],

It is my hope that you will pledge your support to H.R. 4880, the Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Act, which was recently introduced by Rep. Neal Dunn (R-FL) and Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI). Though prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer at the Veterans Health Administration, the VHA currently lacks a single, comprehensive clinical pathway for the disease. Absent a standardized clinical pathway, it is not clear that patients diagnosed with prostate cancer will have access to needed, quality treatment options. The Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Act will rectify this by requiring the VHA to establish a prostate cancer clinical pathway and a plan for its implementation. I ask that you join your colleagues and cosponsor Congressman Dunn's bill to help American Veterans.

The implementation of a clinical pathway will shift the responsibility of organizing, specifying, and sequencing major patient care activities from the local or VISN-level to the national level. A clinical pathway at the VA would make patient care activities at the local level conform to ubiquitous standards of care. In doing so, it will provide a uniform model of care that will increase efficiencies in care, encourage provocative management of expected toxicities, and reduce chances of medication errors.

It is within your power to help us make this change, to join our collective effort that aims at the betterment and preservation of American lives through improving patient health outcomes. By requesting your cosponsorship, I ask for your help in ensuring quality care to our Veterans.

Thank you for your time, and thank you, in advance, for your support and cosponsorship of the Veterans Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Act. For more information and to become a cosponsor, please contact Sarah Gilbert at in the office of Congressman Dunn or Holly Gramkow at in the office of Congresswoman Slotkin.

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