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Make a Difference Today

This year, more than 248,530 men will receive a prostate cancer diagnosis and an estimated 34,130 will die from the disease. To end this suffering, men and their families need your help in all areas of advocacy. Lawmakers are acutely aware of the concerns and needs of their constituents.Join thousands of ZERO advocates to end prostate cancer and contact your elected officials today.


Active Federal Action Alerts

Active State Action Alerts

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Other Ways to Take Action

ZERO’s advocates are critical. We rely on our advocates to be an influential, collective voice that is informed, passionate, and engaged. You can become an advocate in many different ways.


Together, we can affect meaningful policy change that contributes to our goal of Generation ZERO, the first generation of men free from prostate cancer.



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Proclamations Toolkit
ZERO Action Alerts

When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer I felt completely alone. Becoming a ZERO advocate has inspired me to do more and to be a better man. Knowing that by doing something, my diagnosis is going to help others.

David Pieper, ZERO Advocate