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The Prostate Cancer Research Program:

Breaking News: $100M Approved for Research Funding

Tremendous victory for patients and families: Congress approved the FY2018 Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) budget at its highest level in the last 18 years! This historic increase will directly fund a dozen or more life-saving research projects at academic institutions across the country.

Immediate Action Needed!

Right now, Congress is already debating the budget for FY2019; we believe that Congress should maintain the PCRP budget at $100 Million, and we need everyone to take action and make sure your voice is heard! Soon, a bi-partisan "Dear Colleague" letter will be sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee, urging them to maintain and grow the PCRP budget.

Speak Out

Take Action

Call your Senators


Fund the Fight

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We need you to contact your Senators and ask them to add their signature to this letter from U.S. Senators Mike Crapo (R-ID) and Bob Melendez (D-NJ).

Your hard work secured signatures from a record 130+ Representatives in the House on the King-Bishop Dear Colleague letter, which urged the House Appropriations Committee to maintain funding in fiscal year (FY) 2019, and we need you to do it again! Let's keep our foot on the gas to maintain this critical funding.

Next Steps Infographic Download the Infographic

What Happens Next?

The President has signed the spending bill for FY2018, but the debate for FY2019 funding continues in our government. In 2017, budget fights threatened huge amounts of funding for healthcare research (including prostate cancer) and this will only intensify with midterm elections on the horizon.

We need research, not red tape! But to get there, we must speak out as a community: to our elected officials, on social media, and with leaders in our local communities. One of the most effective ways to speak out is through prostate cancer legislative alerts. Simply fill out the form at the top of this page, and we'll email you every time there's a critical vote or discussion happening amongst elected officials. It's quick, easy, and makes a tremendous impact in the legislative process.

There are many more ways to take action, from athletic events to education; you can find out more at ZERO's Count Me In website.

Why is PCRP Important?

Simply put, the PCRP one of the most effective programs in the world for producing treatments (and one day, a cure) for prostate cancer. Funding from the PCRP has supported the development of three new prostate cancer treatments in the last five years alone, and is currently focused on how we can improve diagnosis and reduce overtreatment. For in-depth discussion of what the PCRP accomplishes (along with other Federal research programs), take a look at ZERO's Research Funding Details page.


What is the PCRP?

3 treatments
7 genetic markers
100's of studies

PCRP Website PCRP Guide (PDF)


Dr. Morgans As a member of the research community, a physician, and a family member of a man who died of prostate cancer, I congratulate the efforts of those who made this possible, and urge us to continue our work against this deadly disease.

Alicia Morgans, Researcher &
  Medical Advisory Board Chair