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Make a Difference…Volunteer

Did you know that it takes almost 75 volunteers to effectively execute each ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk? Volunteers are the key to our success. Volunteers not only work on committees to plan the run/walk, but they also play a key role in working at health fairs, sporting events and wellness fairs in their community to educate men and their families about prostate caner.

Our volunteers are key in engaging the community to get involved with ZERO. ZERO’s volunteers are our boots on the ground to make a powerful impact in their community. They work with our local chapter directors and other committee members to get us one step closer to putting an end to prostate cancer!

Sign up today to volunteer for the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk

If you have any difficulties with registering to volunteer, please contact us directly at 202-303-3110 or email us at

You can reach out directly to a Chapter Director in your area to stand up and become more involved in the community.

West Coast - Vanessa Petersen - or 213-951-4043
Mid-Atlantic - Shawn K. Supers or 202-303-3115
Midwest - Emily Byrne or 612-219-6972
Texas - Shauna Huffington - or 469-240-1216

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