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Top Fundraisers

Fundraisers fuel our mission to end prostate cancer! Learn from the best by checking out some of the efforts of our top Tribute fundraisers. Join their ranks and get started today!

  1. Medal of Honor John Ethriedge - $1,167.00
  2. Tribute Joe Parris - $965.00
  3. Tribute Veronica Tarlton - $281.74
  4. Georgia Bullen-Winslow - $100.00
  5. Nancy Winslow - $50.00

Impact on the Journey to Zero Prostate Cancer

protected $80M for research funding each year, 1000+ advocates to the ZERO summit to educate legislator on Capitol Hill, 3 new treatments for prostate cencer as a result of research

Advocacy and Research

As the prostate cancer advocacy leader on Capitol Hill, we protect and grow federal research funding that has led to several key prostate cancer treatments for extending and improving the lives of men. Our annual Summit brings together hundreds of advocates from around the country to make prostate cancer a priority within our federal government, our state legislatures, and our communities.