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Top Fundraisers

Fundraisers fuel our mission to end prostate cancer! Learn from the best by checking out some of the efforts of our top Tribute fundraisers. Join their ranks and get started today!

  1. Rockstar Jessica Finney - $4,890.00
  2. Rockstar Deborah Augi - $2,798.00
  3. Medal of Honor Burt Watson - $1,820.00
  4. Medal of Honor Jonathan Small - $1,223.00
  5. Medal of Honor Michael Small - $1,155.00
  6. Robert Ginyard - $165.00
  7. Jacob Adams - $100.00
  8. Michael Chumley - $100.00
  9. Roger Holcer - $50.00
  10. David Hopkins - $50.00

Impact on the Journey to Zero Prostate Cancer

tested more then 130000 men for free, 10000+ men are alive today due to reduced prostate cancer mortality rates.


We pioneered mobile testing for prostate cancer, alerting men across the nation to lifesaving information and reducing prostate cancer mortality rates through early detection. We continue to support early detection and free testing with local partners across the country.