Patient Support Programs

Nobody should have to face prostate cancer alone. One of the main ways ZERO uses the donations you give is to enable direct support to men and families who have nowhere else to turn through patient programs:

ZERO360: Comprehensive Patient Support

Free, Live assistance for prostate cancer patients and their families
Call (844) 244-1309 or visit

Whether you need help understanding your coverage options, finding sources of financial aid, or resolving issues with your insurance company, we are here to help. ZERO360 is your co-pilot in navigating your prostate cancer journey.

ZERO360 is a free, comprehensive patient support service to help patients and their families. Our team of experienced case managers are ready to help you and your family through your personal prostate cancer journey.

Focus on your health and we’ll do the rest!

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ZERO Connect: Online Prostate Cancer Support Network

ZERO Connect is a closed Facebook group for prostate cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, family members, loved ones, and friends. Come together, ask questions, get advice, share stories, and connect with one another on your prostate cancer journey.

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ZERO Mentor: Peer-to-Peer Support for Men Living with Prostate Cancer

Receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming experience. The thought of living with cancer and the immediate treatment that will follow can cause stress, anxiety, and fear. We understand that newly diagnosed men often want to speak with men who have experience combating the disease.

To facilitate these conversations, ZERO has developed the MENtor Program, a peer-to-peer support program for men with prostate cancer. The MENtor Program allows us to connect prostate cancer patients with the ongoing peer-to-peer support. MENtors can offer their experiences and insights to help men make informed decisions about their treatment.

ZERO pairs newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients, or MENtees, with knowledgeable and empathetic MENtors to provide ongoing support to patients as they begin their prostate cancer journey. ZERO provides pre-program training as well as ongoing training and supervision for MENtors to ensure a high-quality learning environment and to build and reinforce the skills necessary to deliver effective peer support. ZERO trains each MENtor to understand and promote the use of credible prostate cancer information and resources to arm their MENtee with as much relevant information as possible.

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ZERO Caregiver Connector

The Caregiver Connector Program is a peer-to-peer support program for those currently caring for men with prostate cancer as well as those who have lost their loved one due to the disease.

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ZERO Drive Transportation Program

ZERO Drive provides transportation-related financial assistance to prostate cancer patients in Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Texas who are currently undergoing treatment, receiving follow-up care, or attending ongoing provider appointments due to a prostate cancer diagnosis.

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Free Testing Locator

Access to prostate cancer screening saves lives. To help men across the country find testing near them, we have compiled a national database of prostate cancer screening sites. These sites have indicated that they provide some free or low-cost prostate cancer testing during the year.

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Regional Chapters

To bring us closer to achieving our mission of ending the pain and suffering from prostate cancer, ZERO is expanding our reach and establishing regional chapters throughout the country. ZERO’s chapters provide the boots on the ground to involve local communities in the fight for the one in nine men diagnosed with prostate cancer. The local chapter in each region is a resource for local advocates, fundraisers, urology practices, and partners and will work to create a lasting impact in each area while providing needed resources to local men and families.

Since 2015, we have opened chapters in the West Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Texas, and New York/New Jersey regions. We are opening more chapters to help in the fight to end prostate cancer throughout the country.

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ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit

Held annually in Washington, D.C., the ZERO Summit brings together a community of support from across the U.S. more than 250 patients, survivors, caregivers, and family members whose lives have been changed because of prostate cancer. We come to build support for one another, and to stand by the men and families who are facing the toughest battles of their lives.

We come to learn from the best minds in research about the development of new diagnostics and treatments, and care of those who are facing down this disease. And we come to take action, equipping advocates to make an impact in their home communities, and meeting with elected officials to protect and expand research funding.

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