Supporting Patients, Survivors, Caregivers, & Loved Ones

Every year, the ZERO Summit is the most impactful meeting in the prostate cancer community. Experts share what's on the cutting edge of research, living with, and caring for those who have prostate cancer. Patients, survivors, and caregivers meet with their elected officials to make prostate cancer a part of the national conversation, protect and expand critical research funding.

The ZERO Summit is also a crucial point of connection for a national community of patients, caregivers, and loved ones during the COVID-19 crisis. More than 1,000 attendees will come together online in support for one another and their prostate cancer journeys. By donating and fundraising, you're supporting the men and families who don't have anywhere to turn when the pandemic has interrupted treatment and disrupted their support networks.

Support During COVID-19 Direct help for patients and their families who are in financial distress, face disruptions to treatment, or need an experienced mentor. Nobody should face prostate cancer alone.

Research Funding The science we fight to expand and protect has already led to discovery of several life-extending treatments and breakthrough genetic indicators. But to end this disease, we need more: we need a cure.

Prioritizing Prostate Cancer Improving care for our nations' Veterans, eliminating racial disparities in treatment and outcomes, and expanding common-sense legislation like early detection for high-risk individuals.

Summit Attendees: Fundraising Rewards

Want to help fund support for patients and their families? Fundraise along with attending the 2022 ZERO Summit! You'll also have a chance to earn great fundraising rewards:

See 2022 Fundraising Incentives (PDF)