Grow & Give: Fundraising Ideas

Where do I start?

It's simple enough: grow it out, spread the word, and raise cash for the cause. You could get a break from your company’s dress code or hold an event at your local pub. Sell something special and donate the proceeds, or hold a competition against your favorite rival. We’re not big on rules here; we give you the tools, and the rest is up to you. To help you get started, check out some examples of what other guys have done:

Printable Resources:

Whether you're spreading the word to co-workers, or raising awareness and funds in your community, download and print these tools to help take your efforts to the next level.

Just a Dude

Check out this action! You don't have to be a master negotiator to raise a little scratch for a good cause. Download our fundraising guide for social media tips, mini-event ideas, a checklist of folks worth reaching out to, and more. Individual Guide

Find out how guys Grow & Give.
Learn more about how First Responders Grow & Give.

First Responders

Have clean shave rule? Many do, but here's a thought: you're all about saving lives, we're all about saving lives...what's a little fuzz in the face of all that public good? Whether you're rocking the beard like a mountain man, or trimming out an SCBA-compliant 'stache, we've got the APB on how facial hair can help fight prostate cancer. First Responder Guide

Corporate Hombres

Pitching your boss? This guide helps reinforce to the head honcho that fundraising goes to a great cause. Just as important from a management standpoint, it's easy, distraction-free, and great for teambuilding and keeping employees engaged as the holidays approach. Corporate Guide

Find out how corporate folks Grow & Give.
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