Grow & Give: Ideas, FAQs, & Resources

What are the rules?

All are welcome: beards, 'staches, goatees, chops, stubble, even going clean for the month. Women can participate too with fake mustaches and a dash of creativity. Some guys start ahead of time, others wait for November, and some keep it going year-round. Some shave clean on the first, others keep what they've got. Many workplaces skip facial hair altogether and make it a "Donate for casual Friday" thing.

All are welcome: beards, 'staches, goatees, chops, stubble, even going clean for the month. Guys start ahead of time, others wait for November, and some keep it going year-round. Some shave clean on the first, others keep what they've got. Many workplaces skip facial hair altogether and make it a "Donate for casual Friday" thing.

Where does the money go?

So glad you asked! ZERO spends more than 85 cents of every dollar raised on patient support programs, research for better diagnostics, and awareness outreach — no other prostate cancer org puts more of your funds directly into programs. We've got the best possible rating from Charity Navigator, the go-to guys for tracking how responsible non-profits are with your money.

We're 100% U.S.-based, working across the country to attack this disease on all fronts: from direct assistance and patient navigation for the men who already have the disease, to spreading the word about free testing and how early detection can save your life, to getting in front of decision-makers to protect and expand research funding, and more.

Bottom line: tens of thousands of men are alive today because of medical advances that have lowered mortality rates, one-on-one help to make sure they don't lose access to their medicines, and early detection that kept aggressive disease from going off the rails. Your fundraising, generosity, and hard work spreading awareness is the reason why. Let's save more lives!

Where do I start?

It's simple enough: sign up, grow out, spread the word, and raise cash for the cause. Registering sets you up with your own webpage and fundraising HQ, where you can send emails, edit your page, enter and track donations, collect donations on Facebook, and more.

Looking for some specific ideas? How about getting a break from your company's dress code? Or grab a rival and talk some smack as you take over the leaderboard. Do a bar crawl, and have your favorite watering hole to donate part of the night's proceeds to the cause. Make a team, using these links to help explain what's up while you recruit:

Got anything to help me spread the word?

Whether you're spreading the word to co-workers, or raising awareness and funds in your community, download and print these tools to help take your efforts to the next level.

Any pointers on social media?

One of the easiest ways to get donations is to join up, then visit your fundraising page and click that "Create a facebook fundraiser" button. Anything you collect will show on both the Grow & Give site and within social media.

Talk often about your scruff. Post regular selfies to show off your progress, reminding folks to give whenever you bring it up. Don't be shy; it usually takes several mentions before your posts or tweets will stick out in everyone you know's feeds.

Make it visual. If you're doing a shave-off, livestream it or throw down a quick video while you cut it down to a blank slate. Shaving your 'stache into a wild style? Download and print off the selfie sign, snap a pic, and spread the word asking people to give.

Tag and @ your friends in your posts. Create friendly competition by challenging them to donate, or better yet, participate. Use #growandgive and #endprostatecancer to clue folks in on the message.

Recruit friends, co-workers, and loved ones to join the fun. More people growing means more patients will get the help they need when there's nowhere else to turn.

Offer incentives to encourage donations. You could offer favors for gifts, relax the dress code, or vow to do something spectacular if people give enough. The more daring the better – wear something ridiculous, do something marathon-style, dye your goatee bright blue, shave animals into your beard, or wax your chest – nothing brings out the gifts like unleasing a friend's inner troll!

Download our handy-dandy social media toolkit for practical steps to engage over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just click your flavor of choice:

Social Media Toolkits

I'm old school... How do I make an offline donation?

We can dig it! You can mail your donation to our national headquarters.

ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer
Attn: Grow & Give
515 King Street, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22314

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 202-463-9455.

My beard is a patchy, scraggly mess. I look like I'm in junior high.

Not really a question, dude. Bottom line: if your beard is turning heads, use that attention to raise some dough! When people notice that middle schooler mustache, tell them that prostate cancer doesn't care if you look like Hugh Jackman. One in nine guys gets the disease, you're doing something to stop it, and they can help by giving a buck or two to fuel research, patient support, early detection, education, and awareness.

Better yet, throw down the gauntlet! Tell them it's time to beard up and do some good, and send them to the website to see whose 'stache can bring in the most cash.

Does my employer match donations?

Your donation can be doubled, maybe even tripled, all at no cost to you. To make it easier, use our handy-dandy database search and see if your company has a known program. Simply type in the first couple of letters, mash that search button, and behold the goodness

If your company has a web portal, the search results will have the link you need (if we know it). Other companies will give you a form to print off, fill out, and return to either HR or the charity. If they ask you to send it our way, you can get us at:

Matching Gift Coordinator
ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer
515 King Street, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22314

Or heck, you can email it to us at

One other thing. Some employers want a payroll deduction for the match. Cool cool cool, just let us know which participant's page should show the gift: ping with the details and we'll connect the dots to update your fundraising total.

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