Fundraising Ideas and Resources

The money you raise drives our impact

You have taken the first step toward helping prostate cancer patients and spreading awareness in your community by registering for your local ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk. 1 in 8 American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Did you know that 85 cents of every dollar donated to ZERO goes to programs like research, early detection, education, and advocacy? You can be a fundraising hero to families fighting today.

Please note, most guides and tips were prepared before COVID-19. Please stay safe and keep social distancing best practices in mind when adapting these ideas for your own fundraising.

Get Started Today! Fundraising Guides

Don't know where to start? Download a fundraising guide below to get started with the basics like how, when, and who to ask for donations. Please note, all guides except the Social Distancing Fundraising Guide were prepared before COVID-19. Please stay safe and keep social distancing best practices in mind when adapting these ideas for your own fundraising.

Quick Start Fundraising Guide
Team Captain Guide
Participant Fundraising Guide
Kids Fundraising Guide
Social Distancing Fundraising Guide

Team Captain Resources

Team captains make an impact! You not only have the opportunity to inspire and motivate team members, but you can also be sure that everyone knows the kind of impact they as a team make in the lives of those affected by prostate cancer.

It's easy to become a team captain. Just sign up online and start a team at your local ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk page to develop a customized team website that meets the needs of you and your team. We encourage teams to have a single team captains to expand your impact even further! All registration and fundraising can all be handled online.

Team captains organize others for success. This may include setting goals, recruiting team members, and enlisting senior level support at your company. The ZERO staff will partner with you every step of the way to:

  • Recruit co-workers, friends, and family members to join the team and raise funds. ZERO will provide you with materials and information to assist you with recruitment and developing a customized fundraising plan.
  • Having a direct connection to saving lives and keeping families together.
  • Building and maintaining momentum, team enthusiasm up to and during the Run/Walk.
  • Celebrating your team's success at the ZERO Run/Walk and thanking your tremendous supporters after the event.

As team captain, you will make a difference in the lives of men and families fighting prostate cancer and bring us closer to Generation ZERO - the first generation free of prostate cancer. If you need assistance with getting your team set-up and help with fundraising, please contact us at or 202-303-3110 today.

Team Captain Guide
Join My Team Downloadable Flyer
Team Fundraising Thermometer (8.5 x 11)
Team Fundraising Thermometer (11 x 17)

Fundraising Participant Center

From your fundraising participant center, you can customize your fundraising page with your story, change your fundraising goal, and send emails to your friends and family asking them to support you.

Change Your Goal Instructions
Customize Your Fundraising Page Instructions

Send emails from your participant center

Social Media Fundraising Resources

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your fundraising and reach people you don't see on an everyday basis.

Let Everyone Know Who You're #ZEROStrong For
Kids Coloring Page: Who They're #ZEROStrong For
Play Bingo and Fundraise
Start a Facebook Fundraiser
Get a Facebook Profile Frame
8 Weeks of Suggested Facebook status updates

Create Your Own Fundraiser Resources

Get your company on board for something as simple as a casual dress day, ask a restaurant to host an event, hold a bake sale, and more. The possibilities are unlimited, but we've provided a few ideas below.

Create your own Team apparel items through Bonfire and fundraise for ZERO today!
Host Your Own Fundraiser Guide
Sample Fundraiser Invitation
Sample Fundraiser Vendor Donation Request
Charitable Restaurant Listing

Fundraising Recognition and Awards

We believe fundraising for a great cause is its own reward, but we also wanted to sweeten the deal so don't forget to check out what you can earn.

Fundraising Recognition Rewards

Fundraising FAQ's

Q. Are donations made to ZERO tax deductible?
A: Yes! Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer is a registered 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID: 59-3400922).

Q: Is there a fundraising minimum to participate in the run/walk?
A: No. There is no fundraising minimum, but we need your help to end prostate cancer, please consider making a self-donation or raise at least $100. All registered participants and volunteers receive a personal fundraising page, fundraising coaching, and many tools, guides, and other resources to help you.

Q: I want to fundraise, but I don't know how. Where should I start?
A: We encourage all participants to customize their page with their own photo and story of why you're participating. Please view our "Get Started Today! Fundraising Guides" section above for more information.

Q. Does ZERO Provide a Team Captain Guide with tools on how to fundraise?
A: Yes! You can download the team captain guide on this page. It includes tips and samples of language to use to raise money, recruit more team members, and plan fundraisers that everyone can participate in.

Q: Can I continue to collect donations after the walk?
A: Absolutely! Participants can fundraise up until two weeks after the event to be eligible for fundraising rewards.

Need more help?

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